How I run my business with HoneyBook

Many photographers ask me how I manage my clients, transactions, invoices, contracts and photo shoots. Basically, how do I run the admin of my business?

HoneyBook changed the way I run my company. Before this program I was spending almost $100/mo on 3 different softwares to try to automate my admin, but it was taking me over 10 HOURS A WEEK to keep up with it...and I was still missing payments and forgetting to respond to emails. Y'all...10/40 hours is a fourth of my work hours.

HoneyBook has automated everything I was doing manually. I currently spend less than 3 hours a week on the administration of my business...I've been able to handle MORE clients and save time and money.

Sounds amazing, right?

Use my code to get 50% OFF your first year with HoneyBook. We're talking $15/mo to automate and streamline your entire business.


Want to see exactly how I set up my HoneyBook account?

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