Florida Beach Engagement Session...and pizza!

"Mike and I met over 7 years ago working at a Domino's Pizza our first years of college! Our friendship turned crush turned relationship has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. We are a great balance for each other, as I can be a little crazy and he is very well grounded.

It's always an adventure with him and I am so excited for this new one we are in!

Mike proposed (during quarantine on a stay-cation to Sanibel Island) at sunset on the beach. It was so romantic and we celebrated with champagne and pizza, because what better represents our relationship than pizza?!"

- Monica

They chose a white and tan color palette, which paired so perfectly with the sand and water that it makes my artist's heart sing!

... make sure you scroll to the end to see what they brought to their session...PIZZA!