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How To LIGHT A Wedding

...with no natural light

The exact skills and resources you need to be prepared to shoot a successful NO NATURAL LIGHT wedding.

March 27th, 2021 | 2:00pm-7:00pm | Salt Lake Valley, UT 


(This is an in-person workshop, and state mandated guidelines will be followed.)

Do you feel underqualified and overwhelmed about lighting equipment?

Does photographing a no natural light event make you anxious?

Do you want to create high-end art, but don't know where to start?

Do you know there is so much you should know...but you don't know what you should know??




...This workshop was designed specifically for you!

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Here's what you'll be able to do after this workshop:

​1. Confidently assess situations and know what lighting to use

2. Know 5 different ways to photograph

a sparkler exit!

3. Be able to shoot with multiple off-camera flashes

...and know what to do with them!

4. Shoot consistent, expensive looking, photos

at indoor first looks, getting ready photos, details, receptions, etc.., you'll leave with a portfolio from two styled shoots!

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Natasha M.

I love that Brittny has helped me structure my business and help me come up with strategies.


She’s very knowledgeable and willing to help those who are wanting to do more in the wedding industry, especially with wedding photography!


She truly cares about the success of others, and I can also add that she is a great mentor! Love learning from Britt! 💕

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Cheyanne P. 

After our 1 on 1 mentor session I feel a lot more confident in my ability to direct a photo shoot and get those dreamy photos I want. Thanks Brittny for sharing what you know and helping me grow!

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Haley B.

I attended a class Brittny hosted on photography contracts and she and her husband were extremely informative and helpful not only about contracts, but all things regarding running a business.


They sat with me for an hour after she was finished teaching and we discussed all of my questions and my own specific business. I highly recommend learning from her and taking her courses. The information she shared will help me develop my own business and be even more successful!

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Class Schedule:

2:00 PM - Indoor Flash Lighting Techniques

3:30 PM - Headshots Of Each Student

4:00 PM - Dinner Provided, Sparkler Exit Techniques

5:00 PM - Indoor Bridal Styled Shoot

6:30 PM - Sparkler Exit Styled Shoot

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How to prepare:

You will need to bring a flash to this workshop. 

After you register for the workshop, I will send a list of the equipement I recommend that every photographer uses. If you don't already have a flash, you can rent one from a camera store for about $25. 

Our first styled shoot will be indoors. There is a window for natural light, but I encourage you to try shooting this session with the techniques and skills I'll teach you on that day. 

The second styled shoot will be a sparkler exit. Each photographer will be able to photograph this sparkler exit, with whichever technique you prefer, though I recommend a flash. Don't worry...I'll teach you everything! 

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...never stress about artificial light again...

The Answers You Need...

Join me for real, applicable skills that you can apply to your next shoot. 

Limited spots.


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