Associates of Love Brittny

Every Associate Photographer has trained extensively with me, including shadowing me on wedding days, leading weddings and one-on-one mentorship. Each of these photographers has photographed many weddings within their own businesses and are qualified, and trained to shoot as I would shoot.

I trust these photographers to take care of my clients and deliver high quality, gorgeous imagery.

These Associates are, in essence, little copies of me. 


I have full confidence that these Associate photographers will take care of my clients,

lead your wedding day smoothly and deliver

high quality, gorgeous imagery.​


- Brittny

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Meet The Associates

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Shantelle is ice cream obsessed, adventurous, and a lover of all things documenting people in love.


Expert posing and candid laughs are her specialty as she strives to make each photo experience unique, stress-free and fun!



Talk about a hype girl! She will. become your new best friend. Megan is detail oriented and will go above and beyond to get the perfect photo. 

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Michele has been a professional photographer for many years and still loves the excitement involved with wedding photography!


She is a mother to four lovely kids and that has taught her to be very organized. It assures that your photography planning experience will be seamless and effortless. 



Carys is a small town girl and dog mom with a love for diet coke and capturing real emotion.


She's a 6 on the Enneagram test, which means she is prepared for anything.  


A trained Associate Photographer

shoots the session/wedding


Brittny edits photos with

Love Brittny branded coloring


Ta-da! Gorgeous wedding photos

delivered to your inbox!

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Associates of Love Brittny

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